Sunday, November 3, 2013

Workshop Construction

Since our garage is extra deep we are utilize the extra space by building a workshop area.  I picked up an entire set of used kitchen cabinets on craigslist and am starting to get things laid out.  Today with the help of my Dad we set up pluming for a utility sink.  The plumbing part of the task was actually fairly easy once we had all the right parts, tools and access holes cut.  I have never worked with PEX plumbing before so I had to buy a special crimping tool, but once we got going it went fast.  My Dad proclaimed that working with PEX plumbing it was like cheating. I guess the day of sweating copper pipes and trying not to burn down your house in the process are over.  Anyway, now I can patch up the sheet rock and get to work installing the cabinets.  I'm really looking forward to having my tools organized again someday! 

Closing up the access holes in the sheet rock.

Hot and cold hookups, drain pipe and clean out ready for the utility sink

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