Sunday, November 17, 2013

Loosing the Sun

View from our house at 11:30am on November 16
We knew when we bought this condo that the sun probably wouldn't rise above the mountain to the south of it during the darkest part of the winter. This weekend confirmed that. It's hard to say when the sun stopped rising above this mountain since we're not usually home during daylight hours, but I think it was within the last few days. At least now we have an idea of when the sun will be back - since we're about five weeks away from the winter solstice now, the sun should make back up above the mountain about five weeks after, around the end of January.

After a warm, record-breaking fall, we have finally descended into winter - snow and all. Today it never got above -5 degrees at our house. But it's clear, the moon is full, and there are no street lights on our drive so we have a pretty fantastic view, even when it's dark.

And now that I have a garage for the first time in my life (well, we had one in Seattle but we never once parked our car in it), bring on winter.

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