Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More from St. George

While I wait for my flight home I have taken up working remotely.  Its not that different than working from home except that my phone doesn't work, the internet connection is a little slow, and I don't have a second monitor.  Honestly is that last feature that bothers me the most.  It quiet here and the view from my room is quite nice when I can see through the salt encrusted window panes.

I have been continuing to take midday breaks for exercise and fresh air.  Yesterday Jason and I walked to the east end of the Island (the only end we had not yet visited). We saw a few fur seals, stragglers really, as its about time they all depart for the winter.  A little further down the beach we were pleasantly surprised to find the sea lion haulout.  The cliffs above their haulout offered a close-up view of these huge sea mammals.

Today the Alaska Air National Guard arrived as part of Operation Santa Claus.  Honestly there are not very many little kids in St. George, but it seemed good for the community to come together and have something to celebrate.  As a spectator it truly felt bizarre, all of sudden here were all these sharply dressed, fit individuals from Anchorage walking all over town with cameras and large video cameras.  It was like they has just stepped off a bus, like it was no big deal to stop into St. George for a few hours.  They brought a band, lunch, and ice cream and the community gathered in the school gym.  The blue fire truck that recently arrived from Sitka rolled through town with light and sirens carrying Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.  I thought to myself where am I?  If I had known Santa Claus was coming to town I probably wouldn't have eaten that reindeer... oops.

Anyways, some of the folks asked about seeing the church so I got a chance to see the inside of the Russian Orthodox Church and listen to our friend Rodney play the church bells.

Another interesting day in St. George.

East end of St. George

Sea Lion hauled out on the beach

Community gathering at the gym for Operation Santa Claus

The Russian Orthodox Church of St. George

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  1. I have always (well, for about 4 years) wanted to go to St. George.