Saturday, April 21, 2012

Experience Music Project

all complete except for paint

This 1952 Gibson Les Paul Guitar in the EMP has a lot more meaning to my dad than to me

HUGE LED TV playing music videos

Tower of Guitars

Space Needle and its reflection on the EMP
By noon last Friday my dad and I were finished building the shed and were ready to take a break. We wanted to do anything but swing a hammer.  I suggested we tour the Experience Music Project (EMP).  After living in Seattle nearly five years I had not been to the EMP and didn't even really know what it was all about.

It turns out the EMP was the perfect way for us to spend the afternoon.  The EMP is a little bit of everything.  It is art, museum, theater, and science exhibit all in one.  A big part of the EMP is a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix and Nirvana.  Dad and I enjoyed watching videos of Hendrix performing at Woodstock and other venues and learned a lot about the artist and his roots.  I think anyone who loves music, especially electric guitar, would enjoy the EMP.

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