Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shed construction update

New shed and old shed

Looking a bit more complete with the roof mostly finished
Construction of our new shed continues to go really well.  By the end of today we had half of the roof shingled.  With the help of Dad's pnuematic roofing gun we should have the roof finished in just a few more hours.  I am really happy with the way the roof turned out.  Not only does if give the shed a lot of style and character but it also makes for a massive amount of overhead storage. 

Making the trusses for the gambrel roof was a bit of extra work. We did figure out that we could make the upper slope 15 degrees and the lower slope 45 degrees. This makes it much easier to cut all the boards and ensures that it all fits together well. 

So here is a bit of fun math you probably had not thought about since a geometry class a long time ago.  For every polygon the sum of the interior angles is defined by the following equation: 

sum of the interior angles = (n-2)*180
Where n is the number of sides of the polygon.

For example a square has four 90deg interior angles.  90+90+90+90=360.
Or  (4-2)*180=360.

In the case of our gambrel roof we have a five sided polygon where the the interior angles are 45, 150,150,150, and 45.  The some of those angles is 540.  But we also know this from our equation (5-2)*180=540.  Isn't it nice when things can be so perfectly defined?


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