Monday, April 16, 2012

New Storage Shed

Lumber for the shed

The corner of the property ready for new construction

End of Day 1: The same day Dad flew in from Alaska!

Assembling the first wall in the rain.
End of Day 2, we are ready for a roof.

This week my Dad is visiting and we are building a storage shed in the back yard.  Previously there was a little shack with no windows so the new shed will be quite an improvement.  We decided on a 12 x 16 foot building because it fit very nicely into the back corner of the lot between the property line and a big tree.

We have been thinking about this project since we bought the house. It is nice to see it getting done.  Over the last few weeds I sketched up drawings and order all the material so when my Dad arrived we could hit the ground running.  My Dad brought all his pneumatic nail guns and nails so the project has been going very quickly.  After less than a day and half we are ready to start working on the roof.  I am hoping we will be done in another two days so we will have some to do some other non-project things.

So far the weather has been fairly cooperative.  It did rain on us this morning while we were building the floor but after a couple hours it was dry and sunny again.

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