Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Skiing at the Government Peak Recreation Area

View across the Matanuska Valley from the parking area of the Government Peak Recreation Area
Cross country skiing in the Seattle area in expensive and inconvenient so I am thrilled to be back in Alaska were I can go for a quick and free ski after work.  Today I did just that at the new Government Peak Recreation Area.  The trails are about a 20 minute drive from my office and only 10 minutes from my parent's house.  They are brand new and are located near the entrance to Hatcher's Pass near the base of Government Peak.

This was a great location to build new trails.  They are at a slightly higher elevation than the rest of the valley and are thus colder.  More importantly, this area is tucked against the base of the mountains and doesn't get the wind that all too often blows the snow off other ski trails in the central Matanuska Valley.  There are also great views of the upper cook inlet and of Government Peak.  I'm sure I'll go back and I hope to get some photos on a clearer day.

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