Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend in Anchorage

I'm just heading back to Seattle after a weekend in Anchorage with Ryan. I've been lucky with the weather - it's been cold, clear, and sunny the whole time. Its been between about 10 and 20F here. It is funny how these temps sounded really cold to me after living in Seattle but in reality they are nothing compared to Fairbanks temps. Walking to class at -20 or -30F used to be no big deal to me. In fact I remember Ryan, Emily, and Adam and I walked down College Road from the dorms once when it was -38f just to have Thai food!

I was glad to see this weekend that a dry 15F doesn't actually feel all that cold (as long as it's not windy)! I didn't even wear my down jacket!

Here are some pics from walking at Earthquake Park on Saturday.

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