Sunday, February 3, 2013

Smith Tower

After having lived here for six years we finally made it to one if seattle's iconic sights: the Smith Tower. It always takes having visitors to get us out to these places. This time my sister and brother-in-law were here.

Saturday was supposed to be sunny and 55 degrees, but neither the sun nor the warm temps ever materialized. Based on the forecast it seemed like a good day to go to the observation deck on the Columbia Tower (the tallest sky scraper in Seattle), but after riding the elevator all the way to 73rd floor we could see that the view was not going to be worth $9.

We instead headed up the oldest Sky Scraper in Seattle (built in 1914 and once the tallest building in the world outside of New York City) and since it is quite a bit shorter, was out of the clouds.

The Smith Tower still has the old style elevators with operators, glass doors, and everything. The observation room is very ornate and furnished with all sorts of things from China as the builder was friends with the last empress of China. She sent him all sorts of furniture and decorations when the building was completed.

There is an observation deck all around the top of the Smith Tower. Ryan and Alex spent about ten times as long outside as Kelly and I did. I seriously think it was the best day Ryan has spent in Seattle. Ever. He was obviously having a blast checking out the architecture of the building and the sights all around downtown. Even of I didn't get my $7 of entertainment out of our visit, Ryan certainly got twice that!

Ryan, Alex, and  Kelly looking out over the waterfront

View from the Smith Tower with the Space Needle in the distance

Observation room in the Smith Tower

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