Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Impending Snow-Induced Chaos and Biking in the Snow

Very wet and cold after my ride home in the snow
It has been snowing off and on today and it is forecasted to continue through tomorrow with accumulation of up to 3 inches in Seattle. This of course means mass chaos will break out tomorrow morning as people try to go to work without 4-wheel drive and without studded tires. I am interested to see how much snow we actually get. At the moment it's a little too warm for the snow to stick, but that will probably change overnight. If there really is snow on the ground in the morning I probably won't go to school. My bike is not equipped with snow tires and the buses are not a good bet on a snow day. I'm glad I have the option to stay home.

Ryan and John are supposed to be leaving tomorrow to drive to Idaho and then Montana for a skiing/visiting family and friends trip. I hope they make it out of Seattle and over the pass! When they do, I'm sure the skiing will be awesome on their trip! It's supposed to snow for the next two days in both Idaho and Montana and then be sunny on Friday and Saturday.

Two weeks ago I started biking to school but last week due to bad weather and other events I only rode one day. Despite skipping most of my commutes last week, I can already tell that I am in much better shape than I was three weeks ago. I've been running twice a week, one short run on my own or with Ryan, and one long run with friends from school. I also swim once a week. This type of cross-training has been working well for me for the last two years. I've had some hip pain, and I always have knee pain, so running more than twice a week isn't really an option for me. Today I felt AWESOME on my bike ride home, despite the cold and snow. Feeling the results of getting in shape so quickly has given me great motivation to continue biking to school!

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