Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Update

The extent of our snow this morning

Ryan and John, already sore from one day of powder skiing at Stevens Pass
I was a little disappointed this morning that not much snow had fallen or stuck during the night. It was 35 degrees, and as I expected, there was no ice on the road and my bus was running on schedule. It was actually fairly nice here throughout the day but it did start to snow lightly off and on after about 5pm. As of now it is still too warm for the snow to stick or for ice to form on the roads. The temps are supposed to drop overnight and the national weather service is saying 2-4 inches of accumulation in Seattle.

Even though we've hardly had any snow in Seattle proper, some neighboring counties have gotten hammered. I've heard reports of between 6 and 12 inches in some places. It is pretty hard to image that places within 20 minutes of where we live have so much snow right now! I understand the patterns of where snow fell today have to do with the precipitation shadow of the Olympic mountains. I've been fascinated reading this weather blog. The author is a professor of meteorology at UW.

Ryan and John left on their road trip today. They made it over Snoqualmie pass just fine today with the help of chains. It is cold out in Idaho, but I am sure they are going to have great skiing conditions tomorrow in Sand Point!

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