Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Field Season #10

Top: Zaimka Mound 2002, Bottom: Dutch Harbor 2003

Sanak Island 2004

Lake Clark National Park 2005

Donlin Mine 2007

Kuril Islands 2008
It is hard to believe that this is my tenth field season doing professional archaeology (that doesn't include the sites I played at when I was a kid or at Spirit Camp). I know that I am very fortunate to be able to work in some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the world. Not many people have the opportunity to visit these places. And I have gotten to see some amazing archaeology. And I got paid, for most of it anyway. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Above are a few photos from the archives. After I originally wrote this blog post this afternoon, Patrick saw it and emailed me the photo from 2002. I didn't have any photos of my own from that excavation. Apparently taking pictures wasn't cool in high school. I'm so glad Patrick took lots of photos and has them so well organized! It's funny to note that I still wear those same orange Grundens that I bought in 2002! I even had the same pair of extra tuffs that I bought in 2003 until this last summer. That's a long time for one pair of boots!

Below is a list of the places I've worked over the last nine summers.

2002: Zaimka Mound Excavation, Alutiiq Museum, Kodiak, AK
2003: Amaknak Bridge Excavation, Museum of the Aleutians, Dutch Harbor, AK
2004: Sanak Island Biocomplexity Project, off the lower Alaska Peninsula
2005: Field school in Iceland; survey in Lake Clark National Park, AK
2006: Delta Railroad Extension survey and the Donlin Mine for Northern Land Use Research, Inc. out of Fairbanks
2007: NLUR again at the Donlin Mine and in Fairbanks; two excavations near Reykjavik for the Institute of Archaeology in Iceland
2008: Kuril Island Biocomplexity Project, Russian Far East
2009: Lassen National Forest in Northern CA
2010: Penguq excavation, Alaska Peninsula;  Mitks'qaaq Angayuk in Kodiak - Alutiiq Museum. I also worked for NLUR on a short project in Old Harbor and in Point Hope.

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  1. Wow! That was quick I send you a photo from 2002 and you already posted it. You have inspired me to go looking for photos of me on my first excavation. But that was in the days prior to digital and people just did not take as many photos. Patrick