Monday, June 6, 2011

More Karluk Photos

Mountains around Karluk Lake

The Koniag cabin and yurt at Portage

Patrick, Mark, and Mary waving goodbye to me last Wednesday while they went off to work and I waited to be picked up
I've been back in town for five days now. My hands are almost better - the swelling is almost gone and most of the blisters and healing. I could definitely travel now, but my ticket back to Seattle isn't until Wednesday. I looked into changing it to fly home early but it was way too expensive to consider. Even more of a bummer because Ryan got home from his fieldwork last night. I might have a chance to put the net out for reds with my dad and John at the mouth of the Buskin tomorrow though - something to look forward to. I'm just hoping the weather will be nice.

The rest of the crew got home last night. They finished a day early and were able to come home. I went into town and met them. They were amazed at how much better my hands were. I was anxious to hear about the rest of the survey. They found lots of new archaeological sites but they also had a lot of rain. I'm still sad that I had to leave early, but I do know I made the right decision because my hands healed so slowly and I would have been miserable moving camp every couple of days (it was really hard for me to pack my things with my hands all swollen and blistered).

In hindsight I am very glad that we were staying in the Koniag yurt and cabin when my hands were really bad. At least I had a comfortable bed to sleep in, comfortable chairs to lounge in during the day when I couldn't work, and heaters to keep us warm. It would have been difficult for me to deal with zipping up a tent and climbing in and out all the time.

It is amazing that Mary, Mark, and Patrick finished the survey a day early. They recorded a lot of sites in a short time! Especially when you consider that we got started almost two days late due to bad weather and they still got done early!

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