Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home made flatbread and roasted red pepper ketchup

Home made flat bread with thyme

Turkey feta burger with home made ketchup
After attending and helping organize the department graduation this morning on campus, I spent the entire rest of the day in the kitchen. I tackled home made flat bread and ketchup for the first time. Both turned out just as good as I had hoped and neither was particularly difficult - just somewhat time-consuming.

After coming back from the field I've been inspired by all the fresh summer produce available at the stores. I got out my canning book, Put 'em up, and picked out a recipe for today. I went with roasted red pepper ketchup because, well, I love ketchup. The recipe called for tomatoes, red peppers, cider vinegar, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, onion, and garlic. I knew this would be a good one. Especially for all the burgers I plan to cook on my grill this summer. And it was good. I could eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. I'm already planning what I can eat all week that could go with ketchup. We had it with turkey burgers and feta cheese tonight. A perfect combination.

I've also been thinking about making flat bread for a long time. I followed this recipe; it was as simple and straightforward as I thought it would be and makes me wonder why I never tried making flat bread before. I think I'll be eating flat bread and ketchup again tomorrow!


I was on a committee this year at school that plans and organizes the department's graduation ceremony. It's a smaller alternative to the huge UW graduation that happened in Husky Stadium yesterday. I had never been to the department graduation before, so it was great to see how it went. Four archaeologists received their PhD's this year. This is the first year that the graduates are actually close friends of mine - it makes finishing seem just a little more attainable. I know they have worked very hard and it is inspiring to see them move on to the next stage of their careers.


  1. Chef Molly, eh? Don't make break like Elizabeth did today.. Came out like a brick. Flat bread is TASTY!

  2. You could make flat bread yourself in a few months when you're on your own Michael! Also a good thing to make at fishcamp where you can't buy bread.

  3. Okay... flat bread recipe please!!! I've been eyeing that ketchup recipe since I got the book. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. What's on the agenda for the week... Habanero Gold jelly (made with dried apricots).

  4. Here is the flat bread recipe:

    Hope you enjoy it! And let me know how the habanero gold jelly turns out!