Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More from Kodiak

Cape Chiniak

Hiking at Cape Chiniak
My dad and John about to go fishing

John with his catch from last week - 53 reds in just a couple of hours!
Shooting stars at Cape Chiniak
Ryan says I've been posting a lot on the blog...but I haven't had a lot to do in the week I've been back from the field, so why not? The last couple of days my hands have been much better, but the weather has been terrible so I've been inside. I've been reading the Twilight series (laugh all you want, but it's been keeping me entertained). Today I came into town to hang out with John and Katelyn. John and my dad put the gill net out at the mouth of the Buskin tonight after my dad got off work. I opted not to go since the weather isn't exactly nice. I spend enough time being wet and cold outside for work, not need to do it for fun!

On Sunday the weather was pretty nice here and I did go for a little hike out at Cape Chiniak with my parents and brother. The wildflowers are coming out. It's amazing how much Kodiak has greened up in the two weeks since I arrived.

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