Monday, June 27, 2011

Travis and Megan's Wedding

In Alaska, June and July are a popular time to get married.  The days are long, it is finally warm, the fish are running and it is general just a happy time of year.  There were a lot of factors that influenced our exact wedding date back in 2007 but we would not have considered anything but summer. 

It was the wedding of our friends Megan and Travis that brought us to Anchorage this last weekend.  Travis is a friend of ours from UAF and we've gotten to know Megan over the last few years that they have been dating.  Travis and I were working on our masters degrees at the same time; Travis in mechanical engineering and myself geophysics. We took many classes together though including a class called geophysical fields.  It was an advanced math class where we were expected to use computer programing to solve difficult problems of math and geophysics.  The problem was that I didn't know how to program! I am very grateful to Travis for teaching me the Mat-Lab programing language and the basic theory of computer programing that allowed me to survive that class.  We spent many late nights studying together in the natural science building. 

Travis and I were also friends outside the classroom.  We would often meet up a the gym or go skiing together and spent many hours together driving between Anchorage and Fairbanks.  My most memorable adventure with Travis was a winter ski trip to Tolovana Hot Springs when it was 20 below.
Travis and Megan at their reception (thanks to whoever took this photo as I stole it from Travis's Facebook page)
Self portrait taken at midnight after the reception - still light out!
The wedding was of course beautiful and Travis and Megan looked so happy together.  We are glad we could make it to the wedding and look forward to seeing them again soon when we are back in Anchorage.

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