Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Burke-Gilman Trail is FINALLY Open!

After 8 1/2 months of being closed for improvements, the section of the Burke-Gilman Trail between 145th and 165th (basically right where we live) is finally open. It was supposed to re-open months ago. As with most construction projects, the re-opening date kept getting pushed back and I even stopped checking. But, it did finally open two weeks ago. They've widened the trail, added a soft gravel shoulder for walking/running, and upgraded traffic controls and intersection markings. Today was the first time I rode on it. While it was a pain that it has been closed for so long, the new pavement is fantastic.

Unfortunately it's only a mile and half of fantastic pavement. On a bike it only takes a few minutes to cover that distance. And then it's back to the old, bumpy pavement the rest of the trail is made of.

I can handle a bumpy trail though when it's as nice as it was this afternoon. Especially after the downpour that went on for hours this morning. I think everyone appreciates the sun a little more after it rains.

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