Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photos on Wood

Several months ago, Ryan suggested we print some of our photos of food-related subjects to hang above our kitchen stove. Two photos jumped to our minds right away (the raspberry syrup on the left and the strawberry rhubarb jam on the right). Although we immediately thought three photos would look nice, we could not decide on what the third photo should be. We also could not agree on what sort of paper we should have the photos printed on: glossy or matte. I wanted matte but Ryan was set on glossy. Rather than come to an agreement, we just abandoned the project. Until I saw a Groupon for photo boards from Photo Barn - a photo printed on wood, how cool is that?!?

These things seemed pricy, but the Groupon was a pretty good deal. Ryan loves wood-working (not surprising if you know his father) and I was sure he would think these photo boards were even cooler than I did. So I went ahead and ordered three 5 x 7's, picking an apple photo from our tree this fall as the third print. I decided these would be his birthday present. Okay, maybe they're more for me, since his birthday isn't until April.

I am happy to say that he does love them though. We hung them up last night and they look great. Photos printed on wood are a fantastic idea. I just wish I could justify having more made.

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