Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Time of Year

I've been so busy that this quarter has flown by, especially the last three weeks. In addition to teaching a class with 145 students this quarter, I'm taking a grant-writing class (why did I think it was a good idea to do these two things at the same time?!?), AND the anthropology department just hosted the Alaska Anthropological Association's Annual Conference. I was one of several graduate students and professors who worked together to bring this conference to Seattle for first time ever. Based on all the happy anthropologists I hung out with over the last few days, I think the conference was a great success and everyone's hard work paid off. But I am ready to get on with the last few days of the quarter so I can relax, or at least work on my dissertation without class distractions, for spring break!

One of the highlights of the conference (for me anyway) was the third annual Nano-marathon (2.62 mi) on the Burke-Gilman Trail on Saturday afternoon. After three days of unusually cold, windy weather, the sun came out, the temps rose to the mid-50's (although I swear it was in the 60's on the trail) and all the Alaskans got to see why the Pacific Northwest is so awesome in late winter. I was feeling pretty run-down from a cold, but I still managed to walk and jog 2.62 miles in 33 minutes (I think) and enjoy some warm sunshine. Below are some of the scampering hominids who competed in the Nano-marathon (all finishers receive gold medals):

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