Monday, March 12, 2012

Local Fieldwork

Clear skies over Puget Sound as we rode aboard a Washington State Ferry

Using GPS to take quality control measurements

Surveying with multibeam sonar

Launching the multibeam survey boat

Last week was my first fieldwork of 2012.  The work was here in Puget Sound but far enough away to justify taking the Washington State Ferry and staying on the west side.  The weather was PERFECT!  There was very little rain and it was unusually warm although the clear skies did make for cold mornings.  We had two boats working on this job.  Early in the week we used our 21ft jet boat to perform the multibeam sonar survey and later in the week we used our larger Ugle Duckling to survey with the TEMA.  It was a very busy week and I did a large variety of tasks including towing the boat, setting up the GPS base station, operating the multibeam sonar, and working with the TEMA.  I can only hope that the weather is this great when we head back in a few weeks to finish up the survey.

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