Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meeting Max


Allison and Max

Max knocking with excitement when his dad got home from work

For the last weekend of spring break I flew to San Francisco to visit my cousin Allison and her husband Adam and to meet their 15 month-old son Max for the first time. I was hoping Max would warm up to me quickly and that I would get to spend some quality time with him. I was not disappointed.

After an initial moment of caution when I arrived, Allison got Max to loosen up by showing him a picture of his favorite word: "baby!" They have a mug with a picture of him on it when he was a baby, and when they show it to him, he yells "baby!" with a lot of enthusiasm. It's his number one word. He recognizes babies everywhere he goes. Rather comically, Max also thinks that all kids are babies, and in fact, he thinks that all short people are babies (I think Allison and Adam just keep hoping no one takes offense to being called a baby by a one-year-old!). It also appears that he thinks all cups are "babies" which is almost equally as funny.

Allison and Adam said other words have started popping up in his repertoire. I swear I heard him say "shoes" twice. And while I never heard him say "yes," he did very seriously focus on nodding his head up and down when I would say yes. The concentration was just too cute.

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