Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Equinox Skiing

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are continuing to have an excellent La Nina winter.  The snowpack at the top of Sevens Pass Ski area now exceeds 16 feet!  With excellent snow conditions now is the time to take advantage of the great local skiing opportunities both in bounds and backcountry.  Last weekend I skied three days in a row and today we celebrated spring equinox with a morning of excellent powder skiing at Stevens Pass. 

Not only has the snow been great but the weather and daylight are markedly improved.  Today the sun was shinning bright and even last weekend between snow showers I needed sunglasses and sunscreen.

This weekend I have Rigging for Rescue Training with Seattle Mountain Rescue but I am hoping that by the following weekend I will be out on my new ski setup.  Last weekend I climbed about 5000ft of elevation while backcountry skiing.  My new much lighter skis and bindings should make that a little easier and give me more energy to enjoy each downhill run.

Sun and snow at the same time while backcountry skiing last weekend

A Gray Jay perches on Richards skis inspecting our lunch
Molly Shredding!

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