Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Old House Photo

Our house in September 1947
Today I found this cool old photo of our house from the year it was built - 1947 - on the King County tax assessor's website. There is nothing particularly surprising about the photo - the house looks just as I would have expected it (without the addition in the back that it has today) but it is still fun to see. The trees in the background are bigger today and the house next door is now a church yard. It is interesting to see that the garage was original to the house - we had always wondered if it was added later because it has a different roof line. You can also see the chimney that no longer exists; it once had an oil-burning furnace.

I've always enjoyed the two windows on the right side of the house that are along the corner; they give the living room wonderful late afternoon/evening light. I learned from an architectural historian that this style of placing two windows up next to a corner is very distinctive of 1940's and 50's houses. Ever since I found that out, I've noticed that this style is quite uncommon (especially because so many houses in Seattle were built before the 1930's).

This has been a great house for us on quiet street in a neighborhood we love and we are sad to see it go, especially on a warm sunny day like this. But, we are on to new adventures...and a condo with a view in Eagle River!

Our house in 2011

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