Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Pics

A while back I went to a baby shower for my dear friend, Brooke. Her sweet baby boy, after taking some extra time, arrived six weeks ago. Logan is a pretty content little guy but like all new babies, he keeps his parents on their toes all hours of the day and night. Like us, Brooke and Adam are in the middle of  packing for a big move to Alaska (Fairbanks for them). And while we'll be closer to them up in Alaska than if they were staying in Seattle, it will probably still be a few months before I see Logan (and Brooke and Adam) again.

I went over to their house for a few hours this weekend to hold Logan while they did some packing and to get my share of baby love before we all head on our way. Logan was adorable and very well-behaved (Brooke graciously saved me from having to change any diapers). I caught a few cute photos while I was there. This kid is a miniature of his dad with his mom's wild hair.

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