Thursday, June 20, 2013

The hardest part of leaving

Erik rode all the way to Fife with me to help me ship our stuff with Lynden Transport
The hardest part of moving is always leaving behind friends. Ryan couldn't come down here this week to help me move out because he unexpectedly had to go in the field. Our friends have been more than generous offering to help me. I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped me move heavy furniture, take things apart, make runs to Goodwill, load the U-Haul, ride with me all the way to Fife, host going away parties, let me sleep on their futon tonight, and take me out to dinner so I wouldn't have to eat bananas and peanut butter for dinner while sitting on my kitchen floor - you guys know who you are. And yesterday my parents, on their way to Ireland, spent their layover in Seattle helping me clean. You are all the best!

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