Friday, June 28, 2013


I have just returned from Kotzebue, Alaska where I spend that last two weeks collecting geophysical data for an Archaeological survey.  We have been using ground penetrating radar to look for cultural features in a five acre near the Kotzebue airport.  The weather in Kotzebue was amazing and on top of that this way my first summer solstice spent north of the arctic circle!  What a great project to kick off start of summer.  I also got to see the change of the seasons over the last two weeks.  When I arrived there was still patches of snow and the ice was constantly flowing along the coast as it drained out from the lakes and rivers.  By the time I left it was very green and there was no ice to be seen.

Beach south of Kotzebue with offshore packs

Oogruk (Bearded Seal) drying near the beach 
Kids fishing for herring and sheefish along the Kotzebue waterfront

Ice flowing along the water the coast

freshly caught Sheefish

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