Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moved Out

Today I said goodbye to our house in Seattle. It was bittersweet of course and would have perhaps been more dramatic had I not been alone and had loads of other errands to run. This was the first house we owned and the longest we have lived in one place as adults. I will miss our quiet neighborhood and the convenience of living less than a mile away from three grocery stores, several restaurants, a post office and a library (not that I use the latter two more than a couple of times a year). Just as I was feeling sad thinking that I'll never spend time in Lake City again, I sat in traffic for 45 min trying to get to South Seattle where I'm staying with friends. At two o'clock in the afternoon. Why the afternoon traffic starts up at two pm here I will never understand. I do know I won't miss that part of living in Seattle.

I did have a chance to eat a few ripe(ish) raspberries today before I left the house.

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