Saturday, February 11, 2012

Almost Spring Skiing

Richard very carefully crossing this narrow bridge

Richard proudly sporting his K2 Wayback skis

The ridge leading to Kendall Peak showing during a break in the clouds
Today Richard and I went for a ski tour from Snoqualmie Pass to Red Mountain.  The avalanche danger conditions were very low so we were able to ski directly up the southwest face to the summit.  It was too firm near the top to skin up so we ended up taking off our skis and carrying them up the last few hundred feet.  It was was fun to do a little mild ski mountaineering.  The occasional sun breaks revealed beautiful scenery but didn't do much to soften up the snowpack near the summit.  The ski down was challenging with just a few nice turns.  The tour had about 2700 feet of elevation gain so we got in a decent workout and still made it back to the car by 1:30. I am looking forward to exploring more of the this area in the future, especially in some better snow conditions.

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