Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skiing Whistler Blackcomb

After years of living only a few hours away from Whistler, we finally made it there to ski/snowboard. It was an interesting experience and unfortunately probably not one that was worth the $96 price tag. I think our first mistake was going on Sunday rather than Saturday. We had checked the weather and the forecast was for just a couple centimeters of snow both days, so we decided to sleep in on Saturday after our long and stressful drive (long wait at the border = we hit Vancouver at rush hour combined with rain/snow and darkness in the mountains) and ski on Sunday. Well, apparently it snowed several inches on Friday and the skiing was great on Saturday. And we heard the lines weren't bad. Oops. So we went on Sunday. The snow wasn't bad - it was still pretty soft up high on the mountains bunch crunchy down low. It had been skied hard though on Saturday and there wasn't much untracked terrain. So the conditions were really okay, not great, but not bad either. However, the lift lines were insane, at least on the Whistler side. Once we took the gondola over to the Blackcomb side, the lift lines were much shorter. Unfortunately we didn't make it over there until about 1:30 and the whole resort closes at 3:30! The ski area is so vast that we did not even ride every lift and certainly came nowhere near skiing all the runs, especially because many of the black diamond routes we would normally have done were so skied out they did not look enjoyable. I was happy to at least experience much of Whistler as I've heard so much about it, but I will not be paying that price again unless I can go on a weekday and there is a forecast for some serious snow.

The house we stayed in was awesome though. Jennie scored big time by finding this place for us. Even though the mix of Celtic decor, Northwest Coast native art, and copious numbers of paintings was a bit, um, odd, it was still a sweet place to stay. I personally enjoyed the heated floors in the slate tiled entry way and the bathrooms the most.

Peter and Matt keeping the fire going

Mixing smoked salmon dip

Interesting dove-tailing

Sarah and Adam working on the Sunday night pasta sauces while Matt, Jay, and Brandon go for Ryan's fresh rosemary thyme no-knead bread

Sunday night family-style dinner

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