Sunday, February 12, 2012

TEMA Engineering Challenges

The brains of the TEMA
Soldering wires onto one of the many connectors (the pencil is for scale)
Heat sinks on the end cap

Measuring the end cap temperature with an inferred thermometer

I have been putting the final touches on the pressure housing for Towed Electromagnetic Array (TEMA) at work.  The pressure housing contains the brains of the TEMA, and over the last few weeks I have been a working like a neurosurgeon to properly connect each wire.  I have become very proficient and quick at soldering but the work is still meticulously and must be done carefully to ensure there is no chance of a wire becoming disconnected or shorting out to another wire.

One of our concerns with the TEMA has been heat dissipation from the electronics contained withing the pressure housing.  To overcome this challenge we decided to attach seven extruded copper heat sinks to one of the end caps.  Each of the these heat sinks has a fan and should very efficiently transfer heat from the air in the bottle through the end cap and into the water.  Our initial heat dissipation tests in the warehouse indicate that the heat sinks work well and we will not have to worry about having an internal meltdown.

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