Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekend in Florida with Family

Last weekend I few to St. Petersburg, Florida to visit my Grandma and my Alaska family who are there on short reprieve from winter.  It was great to see everybody, especially my nephews Oliver and Henry. 

Oliver is a talkative two and half year old and is full of energy.  I have been fortunate to visit Alaska every few months since summer so Oliver has had a chance to become familiar with me.  Oliver and I spent our time at Grandma’s house driving toy trucks and playing in the minivan “going to the moon”.  The van had lots of interesting dials and buttons to push including the controls for two power sliding doors.  I think Oliver could have opened and closed the car doors until the battery went dead if he didn’t get distracted with the equally interesting gate in the backyard fence.

Oliver also enjoyed driving his tractor on the beach but was not too impressed with the water.  Perhaps a two year old does not long for sunshine and wide-open spaces the way adults do.  Oliver required careful supervision at the beach, not only because he didn’t understand the concept of waves that wash up and down the beach but also because a tumble into the water would inevitably result in a toddler meltdown.

Henry who is almost six months old and is also a lot of fun.  He is often quite content to sit on your lap and rock himself back and forth.  Henry is noticeably more alert and aware of the world around him than he was a month ago when we visited Alaska.  I think he is starting to teethe and surprised me with his ability to pull anything (including my fingers) towards his mouth.  Henry seems to be discovering his voice and spent many hours trying new vowels sometimes with his “outside voice”.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again but it may be a few months before I can make it up to Alaska again.
Oliver driving the minivan to the moon

me, Oliver, and my dad
me and Henry
Henry and my sister, Mollie

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