Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Daily Mile

I have finally joined The Daily Mile. If you're not familiar with it, it's a social network site for working out. It's a way to motivate yourself by keeping track of your workouts and following the workouts of your friends. I've been thinking about joining it for over a year. I've always hesitated because my workout routine (or lack thereof) is so sporadic, I thought "what's the point?" To be honest I was also a little embarrassed to post my running distances and times - I didn't want everybody to know how slow I was. But after reading The Average Woman Runner's blog post about finding inspiration through online running networks, I decided it was time to GET OVER IT. Running slow is better than not running at all! And, I've been running pretty consistently (mostly on my treadmill) over the last month and it turns out that I'm not actually as slow as I thought I was. So if you're on the Daily Mile, or you want to join, find me so we can be "friends"!

I also added the Daily Mile widget to the sidebar of the blog. I'm hoping that knowing people are watching my workout logs will help me stay focused and motivated!

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